My name is Logan. That is not my dog.
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I burn things down for a living.
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Important out takes from STRFKR. #coachella #adventureseason2014

The Arcade Fire just summoned Debbie Fucking Harry out of thin air. Amazing.

Little Dragon. Killing it. #coachella #nonstopgo

I can’t keep away from this thing. So awesome. @coachellaastronaut

Impending Muse. (at Coachella Main Stage)

Moon over Lorde. (at Coachella Outdoor Theatre)

Last night. Things got weird for a bit.

Touchdown. #Coachella #nonstopgo

Good Morning! Adventure Season 2014 begins now! First Stop Coachella! #adventureseason #nonstopgo

GPOY Wednesday. Looking much more stern than I feel. #gpoy



This is my favorite post of all time. Once you see this there’s no going back. Our government isn’t a government. Its a corporation. Our congressmen aren’t elected officials they are CEOs who buy their way into office.

(via rustylazer)


the triumph by alfonso elola