My name is Logan. That is not my dog.
This Blog Contains: Art. Adventures. Comics. Naked people. Science Fiction. Futurism. Things on fire. Haunting tunes. Gratuitous Instagraming.
I burn things down for a living.
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5000, G-town. I’m out. #dpw2011 #burningman2011 #nofilter (Taken with instagram)

Last one out, turn out the lights. #dpw2011 (Taken with Instagram at Black Rock Saloon)

Golden T-Stake, up and out. Black Rock City 2011 is done. Time to pack up and move on. #dpw2011 #burningman2011 (Taken with instagram)

3 days to go. #dpw2011 #gpoy (Taken with instagram)

Undaunted. #dpw2011 (Taken with instagram)

Day off. 4 days to go. #dpw2011 (Taken with instagram)

And an awesome Saturday night sunset. #dpw2011 #nofilter (Taken with instagram)

Hell yes. Taco night. #dpw2011 (Taken with Instagram at Black Rock Saloon)

Day 77 on site. I think. Whiteout. #dpw2011 (Taken with instagram)

Phoenix and I, DPW Parade day ( from a larger shot by Neil Girling). #dpw2011 (Taken with instagram)

#dpw2011 #gpoy (Taken with instagram)

Tuesday: Meatloaf infused meatloaf, and weapons cleaning. My mother would be proud. #dpw2011 (Taken with Instagram at Black Rock Saloon)

OMG, hooping in the sunrise. #dpw2011 (Taken with instagram)

Sunday off. Movies and Sketchery at the Black Rock Saloon. #dpw2011 (Taken with instagram)

I’m not sure why this keeps happening. #dpw2011 (Taken with instagram)