My name is Logan. That is not my dog.
This Blog Contains: Art. Adventures. Comics. Naked people. Science Fiction. Futurism. Things on fire. Haunting tunes. Gratuitous Instagraming.
I burn things down for a living.
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Posts tagged "flashbackfriday"

Me, at 4 years old, meeting Batman. This explains a lot. #flashbackfriday #Batman

My old name tag, from BookPeople, nearly 20 years ago. #flashbackfriday (Taken with Instagram)

Burning Man 2002, with @okayokay. #flashbackfriday (Taken with instagram)

#flashbackfriday (Taken with instagram)

#flashbackfriday 1998. Dreadlocked and gothy. (Taken with instagram)

With Karla, at my 3rd Burning Man event. August of 2000. #flashbackfriday (Taken with instagram)

Dreadlocked and blissed out at 22. #FlashbackFriday (Taken with instagram)